英語句法積累 「daily life version」(持續更新。。。)

  • #本文章中有部分分析原句子來自於我已購買的–Kiyosaki, Robert T.. Rich Dad Poor Dad (p. 107). Plata Publishing, LLC.. Kindle Edition –一書中,為了編輯順暢,不再與文中繼續闡明出處,原作者請理解#

But what if instead…用來轉折前面的話

Comma before or after "instead": The Definitive Guide
(from : https://linguaholic.com/linguablog/comma-before-or-after-instead/)

This is a starting point for how to understand scope.

-starting point 開始好契機

Pointed Mountain | The highest mountain point when we were u… | Flickr
from https://www.flickr.com/photos/jennaz/91394567

-how to 可以作為原因

…which is somehow going to strengthen my…

-somehow不知怎麼說才好,加上後面的going to 可能就是那樣子吧

I need to call the function for that to happen.

-for that to happen 那个发生

Notice what happens when I run this code


Well, this goes back to the concept of local scope.

-this goes back to 这又回到了我们刚刚的话题

when you 聽起來像是 whenew

Now let’s say later on..


As long as you keep going, you’re succeeding.接近成功的說法

Succeeding in a New Job
from https://www.lynda.com/Career-Development-tutorials/Succeeding-New-Job/475452-2.html

..then, I’ll go through the solution with you…我會一起來帶你以前面對/從頭到尾學習探討這個

The treasure map
from https://gamedata.britishcouncil.org/lep25/MjEyNDA=/kids

…and I’ll see you on the other side.


Random] The grass looks greener on the other side? | by Mridu Bhatnagar |  Medium
from https://medium.com/@mridubhatnagar/random-the-grass-looks-greener-on-the-other-side-a8830d05ae66

What I would have to say to you is, you know, confidence is earned.



… And the style guide that most Python developers will abide by is something called PEP 8.

-style guide 風格推薦,風格指導,風格規範

-will 說明大家通常在用

-abide by 依賴、遵循


This is a very long document and it’s actually very difficult to read all of it

and remember all of it while you’re in the middle of coding.

-it’s 指代this document

-actually 證明這是很,表明態度很肯楠

-all of it 這個文檔所有的

-you’re in the middle of coding 在寫程式中

But luckily for us, if we’re using PyCharm…

– 幸運的是, luckily(ADVERB)

-using 是表示我們選擇這個軟體

it automatically applies those rules and guidance to our code..

-applies those rules and guidance 接受運用規則

-to 作用於

Even with all of these suggestions and these style guide rule breaks,

it doesn’t actually mean my code won’t work.


… and you’ve got a lot more skill under your belt

-you’ve got 你已經有了

-under your belt在你的知識清單中,可以用這個表達

…that’s really helped me beat procrastination

-procrastination 懶惰,拖延

I wouldn’t say that my experience of 440 Hz music has turned me into an aggressive person, but I can

-I wouldn’t say that, … but…我不是說這個怎麼怎麼, 但是


-I cannot state with complete certainty that… is 100% accurate

-For this reason…由於這樣

What’s going on here is…


It hasn’t happened that often. 不是那麼容易發送

 I think that the PC revolution is far from over. 表達離結束還早得很

I’ll give you an example. /Here’s an example:  可以不說for example這麼陽春的說法

In addition to that, ….不用in addition

用And so, 不用so

用As you may know, 你不用As you know

Well, life is always a little more complicated than it appears to be.

  • is always 总是
  • a little more有点的表达,不用a little bit
  • it appears to be 看起來的那用

They don’t know any better. 

  • 他們不明白,用這個表達,更體面有素質

No question about it.

  • 覺得是這樣的,用這個表達

you interact with them 

  • 交流更互動,不用communicate with

You have no idea how I did that. 

  • no idea 不知道細節

They encapsulate complexity

  • 精化複雜問題

It’s not my goal anyway.

  • anyway在這裡是有豁達的感情

The thing I don’t think is good is that I don’t believe Microsoft has transformed itself into an agent for improving things, an agent for coming up with the next revolution

  • the thing不認為對的 is that
  • has transformed itself into an agent for improving things成為提高事情的媒介主題
  • 用,符號,並列兩個思想
  • come up with the next revolution創造下一個革命

 I can’t say the same thing about Microsoft.

  • MIcrosoft不一樣

So they’re going to try to patch things on top, and it’s not going to work.

  • 不斷彌補的說法,在上面修補
  • 用it’s not going to work不用that doesn’t work

I don’t like to get into discussions about whether they accomplished that fairly or not That’s for others to decide. I just observe it and say it’s not healthy for the country.

  • get into diecussions做出評論、
  • That’s for others to decide./I’m not qualified to say. 我不想評論的表達

 I don’t think it matters. I don’t think that’s the real issue. 那不重要的表達

I personally believe that it would be in the best interest of the country to break Microsoft up into three companies — a systems-software company, an applications-software company and a consumer-software company.

  • I personally believe that 不用in my opinion, …
  • the best interest of the country to 其實發出者是country

at your disposal 不再能力之內

it spans 4 octaves. spans延長出

, ect. 逗號然後ect再句號的格式,表示更多

The white key furthest to the left. 表達出左邊最遠的

  • And the people who are talking the loudest know the least. 很棒的觀點
  •  It’s not the tools that you have faith in — tools are just tools. They work, or they don’t work. It’s people you have faith in or not.
    • It’s 在這裡表示,整個前面的一個觀點或者話題
  • What that means is, 不用that means
  • And I don’t think it’s anywhere near over. 不會結束,還將延續
  • If you keep trying, I believe that you’ll succeed! succeed是動作的寫法
  • soothe the fear 磨平傷痛
  • worry and turmoil心慌未定
  • … the joy money can buy is short-lived短暫就用這樣表達short-lived
  • eliminate the fear根除痛苦恐慌
  • amass tons of it收集很多的,不用collection的東方思維
  • 。。。。, only to find…然而只是/結果只是,一種下降的結果表達補充說明
  • high life = 高端品質生活
  • Many are emotionally desperate絕望 and neurotic神經衝突症…
  • I reply..我回答,不是response(是客觀的結果)
  • A job is really a short-term solution 短期途徑to a long-term problem長期問題
  • But people make採納/接受可用這個動詞 that recommendation primarily主要是 out of fear出自於慌張恐懼.
  • 。。。the old adages of saving and investing for the long term() make no sense.
  • …and I began to see(意識到) the trap that lay(前面是過去,後面不能超前用現在,lie-lay-lain) ahead(lie ahead將來有tricky的事在路上) for most people.
  • 不要陷入,就是在外面stay out of trap
  • It’s imperative for you to …與important換者使用
  • , not questioning where(lead to where) those emotion-driven thoughts(興趣導向形想法) are leading them.整體在句子之外
  • Society can thrive and flourish…社會發展發榮

“So what does ignorance have to do with(有什麼關係)greed and fear?”

The gap between the haves(有權勢) and have-nots(低能人) is too great(gaps – great隔閡差距大).

..harness money’s power (harness – power 控制權力)

Bean-counter(s)將打細算生意人 Bean-counting 將打細算這樣的 is important, but it, too(同時,at the same time), it not the whole picture.

That’s up to you to find out.由你自己發覺的表達

You’ll let go of the idea of …and instead do(instead轉向好/反向話題)..不用give up 蹩腳的東方思維

She was confronted with.. 就是我用的face with

It is only because of the illusion of confidence and the ignorance of the masses that this house of cards stands:

 – 錢的虛幻 = house of cards

 – 建立在 confidence and the ignorance of the masses( the masses =  普生大眾), illusion of confidence對幻想的執著;大眾的無法知

  – 錢的假象建立在這上,錢在這基礎上形成

So what exactly is …著究竟是什麼

different amount of blue不同量的藍

as a result of their incomes increasing,…說明作為什麼的結果

..buy the house of(夢中的house) their drums

All too often, … 經常是糟糕的事,。。。

the vast majority of people = 我說的 most of people

follow the crowd跟隨大眾

The conform, rather than question. 只接受,不質疑

…, the fear of public speaking is caused by the fear of ostracism, the fear of standing out(突出,在周圍比來不一樣 = being different), the fear of criticism(評論,評價和批評), the fear of ridicule(嘲笑、戲耍), and the fear of being an outcast(不受歡迎的局外人).

..it is only when we look into it that we find truth.WHEN作為突出的重點

Can be at he beck and call 在他的隨時呼喊行動之下

in lieu of = instead

dig through the document艱難學習文檔的表達

..change the tilt of the circle by a little bit each time(一點點,每次改變一點).

。。so that you end up with that effect 可以得到這樣的結果

Now I’m going to simplify this line of code to contract it into a single line.

.. fix your code as(如果需要的話) needed

And I think out of(one of his的一種說法) all his paintings, the craziest ones are the spot paintings。。。

。。。because it’s literally(僅是的意思,就這樣) spots of color 

It’s insane (真的是太瘋狂不可能)for a painting of dots.

Home-court advantage主場優勢

performers only 化妝後台的,演員專用


Their short-term priorities are in direct contradiction(完全衝突,不得行) to their long-term goals

Accounting is imperative for empire

How profound this is,替換great使用,更具洞察力和優秀

words out of context mean little


Food, shelter, clothing 食物,屋簷,衣物

寫出大類,用一個例子就知道 = 全體客觀描述 animal like bird = 飛的動物

Speculative investments “高風險”投資

We actually have to go one step further. 更進一步,引出後面的說明展示

And I look forward to seeing(ing注意) you tomorrow.想在明天見

。。you’re consistently putting energy behind it.一直對於此事充滿內在激情的另一個表達

..everyone have stuff going on.人人都有上帝設置的阻擋

In 1974, Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s, was asked to speak to(被邀請去演講) the MBA class at the University of Texas at Austin.

After a powerful and inspiring talk(強有力的演說),…

。。thought Ray was just foiling around. 在裝傻,doing表示狀態結果

“What business do you think I’m in(處於哪一類的一個表達in)?”

Basically(本質上,不是簡單說briefly), the person who bought the franchise(代理/連鎖權) was also buying the real estate under the franchise for(為,表奉獻) Ray Kroc’s organization.



…that most people work for everyone but (除開)themselves.

They work first for(後面只用for代替) the owners of the company, then(then…, and) for the government through taxes, and finally for the bank(the bank精確的那一個用他們的分期) that owns their mortgage.

Financial struggle(個人財富彆扭狀況) is often directly(直接,用-ly 來讓整個意思的程度加深) the result of people working(doing all..後面的是前面people的動作發生of後面弄個從句聽著累) all their lives for someone else.

Our current educational system focuses on preparing today’s youth(翻譯為鍛煉年輕人,讓他們準備好) to get good jobs by developing scholastic(學院派) skills.

Their lives will revolve around…生活圍繞什麼的說法

Many will study further to become(深造成為) engineers, scientists, cooks, police officers, artists, writers, and so on.

These professional skills allow(訓練技能成為門檻使用allow) them to enter the workforce(人力市場) and work for money.

我在拉屎,不方面開門 I’m indisposed

Over time(時間推移), many musical frameworks evolved, adapted and were constantly built upon(進化,適應形變化,加固增添) 使用過去式已經發生了,and were constantly一直以來從過去在改變,意味著目前也是發生變動的.

“If only I had a promotion.” 職位升級的表達promotion, had是假設狀態

“I am going to work overtime.” 加班的表達,overtime多餘出的時間

In some circles(在一些圈子,一些文化范围), these are sensible(有道理說得通的) ideas.在後面一個句子提到前面的事務,用these/this

…poor and middle class are fiscally conservative(財政保守主義)…說什麼保守派,用那個領域的 -ly,然後加上be conservative

They have to cling to(依靠依賴形,緊緊不放) their jobs and play it safe.

Unemployment is at record highs(紀錄最高點的表達),。。。

…millions of workers found out their largest so-called asset, their home, was eating(是一個持續的效果) them alive(吞噬消耗他們).

What they thought were assets(就是前面的What, 一起作为煮鱼) could not help them survive(存活下来) in a time of(當景榮維基到來的時候) financial crisis.

Royalties(每個唱片、書籍賣出的分成) from intellectual property such as music, scripts, and patents(專屬權利證書)

…. But that risk is diminished(變得失效) if you love what the investment is, understand it, and know the game.


As(隨者) your cash flow grows, you can indulge (享用)in some luxuries.

Robin Hood may be long gone(過去很久), but his followers live on.

“Once government got a taste of money, its appetite (饥饿感)grew,”…

The more he spends and the more people he hires(前面兩個導致後面一個結果), the larger his organization becomes.

They(bureaucrat) have different objectives(目標,生活方向) than(用than表示比較,沒多少) most business people.

Both sides had valid points.兩邊都有道理

…, but the loss to the rich would be limited only to(to到後面的錢對象) the money they invested for that particular voyage.

It is the knowledge of the legal corporate(兩個形容詞連續使用) structure that really gives the rich a vast(很大優勢的形容詞選擇vast) advantage over the poor and the middle class.

Having two fathers teaching me(我主動擁有), one a socialist and the other a capitalist, I quickly began to realize that the philosophy of the capitalist made more financial sense (財富感)to me.

The rich outsmarted(勝明) the intellectuals(藝術、科學的高手)…

。。。 They headed back to the protection of(找到企業形的保護) a corporation.

This war between the haves and have-nots has raged for (扳手腕鬥爭battle長達)hundreds of years.

cringe v 表示反感/個營

…, but I was determined not to head in(闖入) the direction most of my classmates were heading(正女力進取).

Again(再次說明), my success reflects the importance of a strong financial foundation, which(解釋foundation是從education來) starts with a strong financial education.

I have said it before(以前說過一次),… = As stated earlier,

Just as I planed. 正如我所料,不用that’s what i’m talking about.

Cuz you’re the kind, intelligent and beautiful, most through any time in my life. Without you, I would be nothing

A long ago. 表示以前,不用before

The world is always handing you opportunities(給你機會) of a lifetime, every day of your life(也是lifetime,雙重lifetime,更精確的定義), but all too often(經常,表達歉意的經常) we fail(正常狀態的時態) to see them.

Instead, I recommend to(to對象) young people to seek work for what they will learn(在下一階段,用will), more than what they will earn.

One line. = 電影中的一句話

“Where is this daily activity taking you?”引你去哪裡的說法

…, they can always blow their brains out. 槍直抵腦袋開槍

equal quantities of both sexes enjoyed(調查是已經發生的)。。。… 兩個性別組有同樣的份額

between two successive(接連) tones

That being said, 也就是說

..take your time with it and go through it slowly with focus and attention 堅持加油用功的表達

This is basically it. 基本就是這樣子

.., but wind up instead doing而是結果做了。,。。

About four and a half years(注意複數), I hear from him again.

I have a friend from high school who(指名是friend) I hear from about(大約)every five years

…And this circle start anew(adverb = again in new or different way).

He used to always say to me, “xxxx”. 他總說

I wonder if he’s saying that now. 他現在不會這麼說

During periods of (大量規模縮小和減少員工數量) massive downsizing and unemployment,。。。

I think the S quadrant is the hardest quadrant there is(There is 在這裡是).

..they typically are the proverbial(老話所說的) “chief cook and bottle washer.”

lack of capital 啟動資金

..take your time and above all(如上). Have fun!

he was hastily finishing 倉促完成

a perilous journey危險的旅程

And the analogy that I like to give is,。。我做一個比喻

how it works behind the scenes. 背後的邏輯

This book will put your brain in gear 讓你的頭腦潤滑轉東起

You can make things happen if you set your mind to it.

..rules define how to succeed at the game

..having a profession is not the only way to earn money

Having a job will certainly earn you a living.

In order to explain this better,

..they had a different outlook about money.

Parents of my friends seemed so confident about the future

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