Music Theory from 0 to 1「#1」

This lesson we’ll know some concept about note

Name for pitch. In music world, people use A B C D E F G, these 7 notes to represent particula pitch, for example, people name 110Hz sound, the second thickest string on guitar, A, so far and so forth

Timbre. What is timbre? When guitar and violin play the same note, but they sound different. So we say they have different timbre

In modern west music, actually around the world, people use 12 notes:

7 nature notes (ABCDEFG) and the other 5 notes between the 7 notes

A #A B C #C D #D E F #F G #G 

Every two half step = one whole step(use picture to celebration)

Some words user interchangeable. 

In some materials you found online,

Whole step = tone

Half step = semitone

tone have three meaning according to the context:

  • Certain pitch of sound
  • Timbre
  • Interval

The wester music has 12 notes today. 

Use # to indicate that we’re ascending. Conversely, using b to indicate that we’re descending.

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